Monday, October 31, 2011

Song for Sienna (Part 1)

    This song weighs heavy on the little heart I call mine. Regardless this is something I felt I needed to post and exciting at the same time! All I will say on what to come is, this is only part one! Part two comes with additional  sounds and guest appearances. So stay tuned for a complete rendition of how I would like to portray this song to you.

   This song is called Song for Sienna by a west coast artist named Brian Crain. He has created some beautiful sounds so expect to hear more of him in the future. The reason this song moves me is the simple melodies changed up simply to deliver a peaceful sound. Enjoy!

PS. Continue to share, follow the blog, and provide feedback! All is appreciated and helps motivate me to continue : ) (I purchased a new microphone and when I can learn to sync the video and sound it'll be used... sound is 1000% better through it)


  1. Your timing was a little fast, unless thats what you were going for. Beautiful nonetheless.

  2. Someday I will be able to play the hymns. Very nice.