Monday, October 31, 2011

Song for Sienna (Part 1)

    This song weighs heavy on the little heart I call mine. Regardless this is something I felt I needed to post and exciting at the same time! All I will say on what to come is, this is only part one! Part two comes with additional  sounds and guest appearances. So stay tuned for a complete rendition of how I would like to portray this song to you.

   This song is called Song for Sienna by a west coast artist named Brian Crain. He has created some beautiful sounds so expect to hear more of him in the future. The reason this song moves me is the simple melodies changed up simply to deliver a peaceful sound. Enjoy!

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Nearer My God to Thee

  A simple song and a simple variation I wrote. So this week has a theme of simplicity! Keep it that way =)


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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Canon in C

   This latest installment comes from another northwest artist, Christopher Peacock. When I was younger our family went to Rosario island in the Pudget Sound for my fathers business meeting. One night we dined in the restaurant there and it being a fine dining establishment they had a live pianist. Low and behold it's Christopher Peacock, who at the time I had no clue who he was, playing for the dinner service. After listening to him play a few songs and take requests, I went up and started talking to the man. He was kind, told some stupid jokes, and eventually got to the subject of his craft. I asked him if he played Pachelbel Canon in any variation and he told me he wrote a version in the key of C. I enjoyed the variation and we went our own ways.
  A few weeks later I ended up calling his office and asked if they had any publications for any of his music. They indicated to me that they did not, yet I still inquired about this piece and its availability to me. The receptionist was kind and asked my address. Still insisting they didn't have the score, she said she would pass my message along. Another week passed by and I got in the mail a copy of the score from Christopher Peacock for the variation of Canon in C.
  I am thankful for a kind receptionist and a kind composer to have put this variation into my life. It's one of my favorites. Pachelbel has been a foundation to the peace I seek in music. Yes it's simple with four chord changes. Yes it's simple sounding. Yes it's played by many if not all pianists in their tenure as such. Thus in it's simplicity it has captivated my mind and I will always enjoy.
  I hope this helps start your hour, day, or week off with a positive emotion that you can carry throughout.

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