Sunday, August 28, 2011

Nivoule Bianche

    This is probably the most requested song I know how to play. I wanted to share this artist early on with everyone because his music is relaxing and inspirational. This song is written by Ludovico Einaudi and he was introduced to me by my German friend Torben Scheel. I will forever be grateful for that introduction years ago and wish now to introduce you. The name of the song is Nivoule Bianche. I find this song guiding in many ways to me and my wandering mind. Enjoy and don't forget to become a follower! Let those you refer here  know as well to become a follower and check back! Much love!


PS. Again half volume or lower is best =) I wish I could play them perfectly for you but alas you cannot always have what you want!

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Descent

   This first song I chose is called "The Descent" by Michele Mclaughlin and it comes from her album Out of the Darkness. I feel that coming out of my own "Descent," it would be only appropriate to convey it through my own interpretation of playing the piano. I have always been a firm believer that the simple things brew complexities and this song delivers just in that manner. Simple combinations of broken cords and octaves form this beautifully flowing song. I apologize in advance about the raw recording but I promise as I continue to garner support I'll invest in better recording equipment and software. Until then enjoy the raw.


PS. I am finicky about sounds so if you listen to it half volume down its a slightly better sound =)

Here we go!

     After weeks of planning and preparation, I have finally begun. I present to you my piano blog in which I can share with you songs that touch me in some way. I am by no means a professional pianist but will strive to present you with my best. We can grow together in this adventure to explore a diversity of music.

    My goal in creating the blog is to provide you, the readers, with something or someplace you can come to find a reprieve from your week. I will be posting Sunday mornings every one to two weeks a new song. I hope to present to you with artists in which you can seek out on your own and even support them if you enjoy what they bring to the music scene.

   Please share with your family and friends! Invite them to come read and listen. Leave comments and feedback and I will respond and be interactive with what is given. Before you leave today, become a follower of the blog and come back frequently listening to the old and looking forward to the new.