Sunday, December 4, 2011

I Giorni

   Woooo its been awhile! Busy life keeps me away from my hobbies, yet I am striving to continue to pursue the good ones! I coincidentally chose another Ludovico Einaudi piece to play, as it was a forefront to my recent practice. This one is called I Giorni. It's a peaceful song with nice dynamics. This combination throughout the piece and having it end on a type of climax is just brilliant to me. It provides my soul with a slight reverie from a chaotic world. Please keep sharing with family and friends! Become a follower! Offer feedback if you like or just a feeling or impression you get from viewing the blog/songs. Much love and enjoy!


PS. Still working on the new mic. After the holidays go by it will allow me to figure out the sync between and mic and video.